About - GTS Group


GTS Group (Global Technologies Solution Group) represents the group of Russian companies which implement complex, geographically distributed projects, at the national companies of the energy, communication and transport sectors of the Russian economy.

GTS Group Companies offer:

  • production facilities
    140 000 m2Of the production
  • certified engineers and designers
    1 500
    Certified engineers
    and designers
  • successfully completed projects
    > 1 500
    Of the successfully
    completed projects

Companies of the GTS Group posses the knowledge and experience in implementing technical solutions in the areas of:

  • electricity supply and distribution;
  • automation of production and technological processes;
  • production and installation of equipment and constructions;
  • development and implementation of information technology systems;
  • implementation of telecommunication systems.

GTS Group Companies provide full range of services: consulting, projecting, supply equipment and materials supply, construction, electrical wiring, equipment installation, commissioning, warranty and service, including containing the particularly dangerous projects and technically complex types of equipment and systems.

GTS Group Companies implement mainly national technical solutions, including self-developed ones.