Services - GTS Group


GTS Group is a Russian investment management company which main interests are in the sphere of automated systems for technological management.

The major activity of the company consists of a thorough and comprehensive technical expertise and marketing assessment of projects.

Interests of the GTS Group Company are:

  • search and development of potentially promising spheres in technology development of industry automation systems;
  • creation and development of industrial business structures in the most dynamically developing segments of automation systems;

Competences of the GTS Group Company in the sphere of investment management include:

  • professional expertise that provides comprehensive and qualitative project analysis;
  • justified investment decision making;
  • effective deals implementation and efficient strategic management of portfolio companies;

The key course of the Company’s strategy is to increase the value of invested funds through creation of competitive business structure that is formed by the necessary projects volume, optimization of the movement of financial resources and organization of effective management.

Management Strategy

GTS Group Company provides strategic development and management by developing and realizing strategies of the managed companies, which aim to achieve their maximum potential.

Financial Management System

An integrated approach of the financial management system together with management consulting carried out by the GTS Group Company is impossible without proper strategy that considers peculiar properties of functioning and production of portfolio companies:

  • budget management provides financial planning, risk reduction, activity coordination of various companies’ divisions;
  • management accounting provides production efficiency diagnostics, analyzes financial part of managerial decisions and profitability issues;
  • cash flow management aims at improvement of solvency ratios and provides complete control over financial funds.

Encouragement System

Creating an effective system of encouragement and motivation is one of the key factors for goal achieving. GTS Group is basing its encouragement system on fundamental principles, which include:

  • finding the best possible concurrence of interests between shareholders and employees;
  • focusing on achieving highest goals;
  • motivating of employees to build long-term relationships with the Company;
  • focusing on a long-term growth of shareholders’ capital value.